The Chemical Consequences of Unregulated Lash Serums

Are voluminous lashes worth sunken eyes, orbital fat loss, and the probable vision loss? The 26-paged class-action suit filed in 2021 by Genna Ribak cites these symptoms as side effects in her complaint against the global makeup supplier chain Sephora’s popular GrandeLASH-MD lash growing serum. GrandeLASH-MD is marketed as “a cult-favorite lash enhancing serum that promotes the appearance of longer, thicker-looking lashes in four to six weeks.” The product claims that it is “paraben-free” and “cruelty-free,” and presents its key ingredient as hyaluronic acid (Sephora, 2022).

The Black Maternal Health Crisis

The violence in healthcare suffered by Black women is only paralleled by the state-imposed violence suffered by Black men at the hands of the police. The centuries-long dehumanization of Black individuals has worked its way into multiple systems, including the healthcare industry. A longitudinal case study conducted by Roosa Tikkanen, M.P.H (2020) found that the United States is the leading country among ten other industrialized nations in maternal mortality rates, where approximately 17.4 women die per 100,000 births…