Chronicling the Bizarre History of Western Diet Culture

The idea that “slimmer is better” and “fat is bad” is deeply ingrained in Western society. Glossy magazine covers exhibit the latest celebrity weight-loss transformation. Diet gurus tout tips and tricks, promising instant results. Weight-loss tops many lists of New Year’s resolutions each year. However, Western society’s preoccupation with a smaller waist did not emerge without trace. From early male-targeted rhetoric associating slender body ideals with discipline, aptitude, and social power to later feminist activists encouraging dieting as means for women to build strength and agency, a mesh of social and political factors have shaped today’s tenets of diet ideology.

Archaeology: The Medium Between the Living and the Dead

Archaeology is often touted as one of the most interdisciplinary subjects. Due to the fragmented and disparate nature of excavated physical evidence, archaeologists must combine different approaches to fit the jigsaw pieces together (Smith, 2019). A prime example of their ingenuity is their incorporation of concepts in medicine into artifact analysis. Although medicine and archaeology are ostensibly dichotomous…