The Art of Musical Hallucinations

An 81-year-old with a history of high blood pressure heard folk songs from her childhood for hours every day. (Alvarez Perez, 2017). She was only able to hear the music from her left ear since her right ear had lost auditory function (Alvarez Perez, 2017). She assumed that this music was originating from the outside environment and could not imagine that its origin could be from her brain. After the woman’s symptoms progressed and the melodies increased in intensity, her concerned family consulted with physicians. Psychiatrists found that the woman was experiencing musical hallucinations (Alvarez Perez, 2017).

The Effects of Solitary Confinement on the Neurological Processes of Inmates

Over 80,000 individuals in the United States are currently serving time in solitary confinement (American Friends Service Committee, 2021). For years, these inmates’ homes have been cramped 8×10 feet cells with nothing but a bed, a toilet, and a sink. (UC Irvine School of Social Ecology, 2017). Solitary confinement is generally used as a correctional measure for offenses such as breaking prison rules, disrespecting correctional officers, or involvement in gangs…